Sunday, July 9, 2023

Getting to know the Gaslight District and Grand Opening Weekend Info

As mentioned in an earlier post, Friday night I was at the opening of A Few Good Men at the Hamilton Family Theatre in Cambridge.  I went early to get a parking spot at the theatre.  When I got out of my car I could hear music playing so I headed toward Foundry Tavern in The Gaslight District and as I got closer I knew the voice singing right away.  It was my friend Juynet singing with The Turk and the Hobbits. They were playing outdoors in the Big Screen area of The Gaslight District.  Watch the video below to see the view

Next thing you know the Toronto Blue Jays were on the screen.

It is really a fun place to be!

The Gaslight District is a new kind of 'Infrastructure for the human spirit' that helps people freely play in public in ways that start to define an inclusive community identity. 

It was a great preview of what is to come this month for The Gaslight District's Grand Opening.

Grand Opening Weekend at The Gaslight District

I have been including Big Screen Thursdays at The Gaslight District as part of the ongoing Thursday events in my monthly list, but I felt the Grand Opening Weekend deserved a post too!

The Grand Opening Weekend is running July 28-30, 2023 with FREE CONCERTS on Friday and Saturday.

Each concert is headlined by a well-known band,  Friday night BIG WRECK is the headliner and Saturday WALK OFF THE EARTH headlines the show.

There are other events throughout the weekend as well you can find all the info at