Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Disney’s Dumbo and Cinderella Show How Being Different Makes You Special

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In the remake of Dumbo even the story itself is different from the original, which makes it special.  This version introduces the Farrier family to the story.  As Holt Farrier arrives home from the war he must adapt to life as widower while raising two children that are truly being raised in a circus. Holt returns a very different man than when he left. He does not understand that differences in his life and the paths that his children have chosen are not to be hidden. Soon they learn that the circus has more in store for them than they might be ready for. Much like the original movie a baby elephant with enormous ears arrives and the adventure begins.  In addition to Farrier family adapting to their new life, Dumbo must adapt to being part of the circus and soon the circus itself has to adapt to being part of something completely different.  It is only once everyone begins to celebrate their differences that they learn they have destiny on their side.


In the animated version of Cinderella, it begins as a story of a girl who had her Mother pass away and her Father decides to marry a woman with two daughters.  After her Father dies the girl is raised by her wicked Stepmother and constantly ridiculed by her Step-Sisters who treat her like a servant.  Feeling different from her Step-Family, Cinderella chooses to befriend the animals in her home as a way escape her unfortunate circumstances.  After word is sent out throughout the land that their will be a royal ball, her Stepmother and Step-Sisters ensure that Cinderella will not have a way to attend.  They do not know that with the help of her friends something special is about to make everything different for Cinderella.

In both films it shows how being different can be challenging, but it is what makes everyone so special.  Something else that is very special is our news that we are giving away Disney’s Dumbo and Cinderella: Anniversary Edition to a lucky reader.

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