Sunday, July 23, 2023

Perfect Wedding at The St. Jacobs Schoolhouse Commits to Big Moments and Big Laughs on the Big Day

While Perfect Wedding has opened at The St. Jacobs Schoolhouse Theatre at the height of wedding season, this pre-wedding scenario has everyone wondering if the ceremony will take place.

It begins as the groom wakes up in the honeymoon suite on what should be his big day, but he soon learns that his stag night prior has now put him in tumultuous turmoil.  This comedic play echos the hilarity of Drayton Entertainment's previous farce productions with the multiple characters trying to cover up what happened in the hotel the night before. Each false tale spun by the groom adds lots of confusion and his frantic behaviour has everyone on edge and wondering if he is ready to commit. Meanwhile, the best man is trying to solidify a big moment with his new girlfriend while keeping his long-time friends on pace to walk down the aisle. Despite his best efforts, seeing his friends off to get married gets more difficult as the day unfolds. When a chamber-maid with an acting background is added to the mix, the ridiculous situation gets extremely out of hand. 

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