Thursday, November 29, 2018

Juneyt - KW People Doing Big Things

Last weekend I was thrilled to attend the launch of Juynet's Fuego!  It was an amazing concert and with his permission I have some great clips of the concert.

Creating a Community

We are so lucky to have such a fantastic artist here in KW.  Juneyt is so talented and is a big part of the KW Community.  We often run into him at events and he is always there to support others as well.
Earlier this month he surprised us with a donation at our Movember Kids KW event at Kitchener Market. He had been there performing flamenco music which we always love hearing and that day it was even more special because of this special donation.

Fuego is Fire

Literally, Fuego means fire, but the the event was fire! In fact, the whole experience was lit!

The concert had performances with El Turco, then as part of Turk and the Hobbits.  There was even a flamenco dancer in the mix. Plus there were solo performances by Junyet that were accompanied by heartfelt stories about each song. You can see the variety of music by watching the videos below.

This might have been my favorite moment of the concert.  I had never heard him perform this song before and now it may become a frequent request.

Want to know more about Juneyt?  Visit these links



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