Saturday, November 24, 2018

Wreck It Ralph Blasts to The Future in Ralph Breaks the Internet and So Does Walt Disney Studios - Review and Preview

We'll start with the Disclaimer – Yes, we did receive complimentary invite to the event, but this just means I can tell you all about the films coming from Disney!

For those that don’t already know, I am a big fan of Vanellope, also known as “the glitch” from Wreck It Ralph as you can tell by my pic below.

So I was thrilled to attend this media event put on by Walt Disney Studios Canada. 

Ralph Connects to The Internet

Fans of the first Wreck It Ralph film will remember all the 80s video game references in the movie and while that is how Ralph Breaks the Internet begins, it is not long until Ralph and his best friend Vanellope are blasted into the future through the information highway. In order to save Vanellope’s game they start an online search for the Sugar Rush steering wheel which brings them to other web places like BuzzTube and Slaughter Race. While Vanellope becomes obsessed with Slaughter Race, Ralph seems to thrive as the newest buzz-worthy icon at BuzzTube.  In hopes of getting the part for Vanellope’s game in time to save it, their adventures take them to familiar internet sources like eBay, Oh My Disney and into the dark web where simple Pop Up Ads can dabble in the world of viruses.

What I really liked about this funny family friendly film is that there wasn’t one true villain from beginning to end.  Each character showed their strengths and weaknesses, displayed as courage or vulnerabilities.  It also explains how over time people change and so do friendships and the key to these ever-changing relationships is how we stay connected to one another.  So, while this film shows how Ralph Breaks the Internet both in the hardwired way and the viral video way, it is more about how he connects to the internet to evolve himself and his friendship with Vanellope. It was a great film and I hope you will take your whole family to see it!

To Infinity and Beyond with Walt Disney Studios

Prior to the screening of Ralph Breaks the Internet, Walt Disney Studios Canada presented some trailers and a sneak peak scene of an upcoming feature film (more on that below).  They also revealed their upcoming film release timeline which included everything from Toy Story 4 to an unnamed Marvel Studios film which may very well be the answer to Infinity Wars. Whether you are excited for more FROZEN or STAR WARS or wondering when Captain Marvel arrives or when Mary Poppins Returns you can find it all in the timeline below.
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As mentioned, we also had a chance to see a scene from Mary Poppins Returns featuring a musical number by Lin-Manuel Miranda.  He plays Jack the lamplighter in the film and I had a chance to interact with a lamplighter at the pop-up photo booth.

Get Set for All of the Walt Disney Feature Films

It looks like Walt Disney Studios has something for everyone with their upcoming feature film selection.

Which of these films are you excited to see? Leave a comment and let me know!  Wanting to see what I thought of another Disney film? Check out my review of Disney’s Christopher Robin.


  1. Seen Wreck it Ralph advertised a bunch. Disney has went all out to make this available for everyone.

  2. I cannot wait for Toy Story 4. I cried so hard at the end of #3 and I love them all. I teach kindergarten so I’m sure my students will all see Wreck It Ralph soon.

  3. The Toy Story series never fails so I can not wait for it. I have never seen Ralph but it looks like a great one for kids.

  4. That was a great breakdown of Ralph Breaks The Internet! I would love to see this movie!

  5. There are so many great kids movies this year. I haven't seen Ralph yet but it is on our list of movies to see. We do want to see Mary Poppins and Dumbo too!

  6. I hear that bloggers will ADORE Ralph Breaks the Internet! It talks about SEO and key words and etc. I can't wait to go see it.

  7. We saw this in theaters this past weekend. It was Great!! There were so many little puns through the whole movie that made it even enjoyable for my almost 16 year old to enjoy yet kid enough for. Y 5 year old to enjoy!

  8. Our boys have been asking about this film all weekend! We're looking to take them this month as a family outing.

  9. Haven't seen Ralph Breaks the Internet yet but it looks like a fun movie for the kids.

  10. This looks like such a cute and fun movie! my daughters would love to see this