Sunday, March 4, 2018

Food Revolution Day @ #KitchenerMarket May 26, 2018

The news is out! This year's date for Food Revolution Day in Kitchener Waterloo is May 26, 2018.  Once again, we will be partnering with the Kitchener Market for a FREE family friendly event! Food Revolution Day happens worldwide.  Most countries celebrate the week before, but since that is our Victoria Day weekend, we choose to have it the week after on May 26.

Upper Marketplace Kitchen Area
FREE Event Activities Include
Kids In The Kitchen w/Chef Cassie of 100 Days
Special Guest KW Titans Mascot Titus The Titan
Sportco Source for Sports Colouring Area
Crestview Community Garden Planting Area
Artshine-Arts4all Arts and Crafts
Facepaint by Bre Creative
Our Place Family Resource and Early Years Centre Activities
Nutrition for Learning Info
Healthy Kids Cooking from Scratch Cookbook Creator
Krista Harrison, RHN, RRPr, Culinary Nutrition Expert
Gary’s Lens Photo Booth
Landmark Cinemas Waterloo Prizes

More Information at

Keep watch of our FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE for more updates about this FREE EVENT!

Want to learn more about FOOD REVOLUTION? Watch Jamie Oliver's Ted Talk


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