Sunday, July 23, 2017

Glass Tiger and Big Wreck in Kitchener For ONTour #Ontario150

As many of our readers know, I love seeing live music and supporting Canadian bands and solo artists.  This began many years ago when I went to my first outdoor music festival in high school to see GLASS TIGER.  It was at THE SOUNDS OF SUMMER MUSIC FESTIVAL in Waterloo Park. It seems that Glass Tiger began something with me that stuck throughout the years. Decades later Alan Frew became a staple in our house with his theme for the Toronto Maple Leafs and in 2015 when I learned the news about my Father’s Cancer it was Alan Frew that I connected with on Facebook. He has suffered a stroke and the 2 of us had a bit of back and forth about hospitals, depression and keeping a positive outlook. Flash forward two years later and hear I am again watching Glass Tiger at an outdoor concert. 

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Glass Tiger was one of two bands I was there to see.  The other being BIG WRECK. I remember seeing BIG WRECK at the 1st Big Music Fest in 2014 along with some other amazing acts!  Knowing that they were going to be the headliner for the ONTour stop in Kitchener doubled my enthusiasm to attend this outdoor concert.  

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Getting a chance to see Canadian bands perform live is something I am always grateful for!

Did you attend the ONTour concert at Kitchener City Hall or are you attending one of the upcoming shows? Let us know in the comments! We always want to hear from our readers and know what interests they have as well.

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