Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Blown Away by David Blaine

Many of our readers know we get so excited when we get to attend a magic show.  We find magicians fascinating.  Some are known for their illusions and others are known for their daredevil stunts.  David Blaine takes both of these styles of magic, blends them together, and then takes them to a whole other level with his mind-blowing act.  We would never want to spoil what happens in magic show, as we think seeing is believing, just know that much of the magic you see in his television specials happens before your very eyes without any help from that other kind of magic, the magic of television editing.


When David Blaine took the stage at Center In The Square, he immediately captured the audience with tricks not for the faint at heart, but he tackles these stunts with charm and humour throughout the performance. His laid back manor puts the audience at ease while performs the task at hand.   The man on the stage tonight was very different from the man that has been on my computer and television screens.  He really seemed appreciative that people came to the show, he took questions and connected with the people that he brought on the stage. He really took the time to engage with the audience and even inspired future magicians. In return, the audience showed the upmost respect for him and his craft.

Until he mentioned it, we had no idea that this was his first live world tour. 

Working on my most exciting project yet. A live tour coming soon

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When you see what he puts himself through at each show for the purposes of challenging himself and entertaining those who bought tickets, you have to appreciate all that went into creating this tour. We were blown away by David Blaine by both his dedication to magic and by his dedication to his fans.

You do not want to miss seeing David Blaine live!

Visit davidblaine.com for upcoming tour dates in your area.


  1. David Blaine sounds great just in the fact that he communicates with his audience, personality is so important. I try to watch but then close my eyes when I see a daredevil stunt. I can't get enough of them though. Going to see if he comes near us.

  2. My son is a huge fan of magic in general but he really enjoys watching David Blaine. When he is watching the program no one is aloud to talk or make any noise through out the program, :)

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