Sunday, November 5, 2017

The November Rain Makes It The Best Time To See The God Of Thunder: Thor Ragnarok Review

We'll start with the Disclaimer – Yes, we did receive complimentary tickets, but this just means we're able to give you our opinion of the film

Last month we let you know that THOR was returning to the big screen in case you were wondering what the GOD OF THUNDER has been up to. We are thrilled to report that THOR RAGNAROK is spectacular movie for fans of the Marvel Heroes.  Even THOR himself has accepted himself as a hero and spends the first part of the movie explaining where he has been and what he expects to happen (being that he has been having visions since Avengers Age of Ultron).


While his visions are starting to come to fruition, they don’t pan out exactly the way he expects them too and so the adventure begins. Many things are explained Including why he no longer is sporting his long locks.

Look Out For Loki

While you think the film is about Thor’s journey, it was Loki (a favourite character of mine) that set all of this in motion.


Although he does not feel this way at the start of the film, he soon starts feeling the weight of what he has done.  Together, while approaching it in 2 very different ways, the sons of Odin being to forge a path to set things right.

While the earlier THOR films were much more dramatic this film takes the tone of brotherly love in a comedic sense.  Whether it is the brothers story of Thor and Loki, or the brotherhood of the Avengers when Thor is reunited with Hulk.  In fact there are a few storylines that include sibling rivalry in this film.  Another way that this film is a departure from earlier Thor films is how it looks.  It has much more to do with outer space giving it a Guardians of the Galaxy feel which may be because of the upcoming meld of the Avengers and the Guardians in Infinity War.  As always, we suggest watching for unexpected cameos and stay right to the end of the film.

This November is sure to be filled with glimpses of the GOD OF THUNDER on the screen and with our current weather situation, we think it is a great time to see Thor Ragnarok in theatres.

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