Sunday, November 19, 2017

KW Titans Home Opener Recap PLUS Promo Code for Upcoming Wednesday Games

Watching the Warm Up

Last night’s events started with the KW Titans warming up before the doors opened at THE AUD.  Want to see what happens when they are running drills on the court? Watch my Facebook Live below (FYI it will only work with certain browsers).

Fans First at The KW Titans Home Opener

While the KW Titans warmed up the seats began to fill. Here are some FAN FAMILIES we found in the stands.

#FanFamilies arriving for the @kwtitans #HomeOpener #WeAreTitans #kwawesome #wrawesome #kwtitans @nbl_canada #AllOne #basketball

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Once the Home Opener began there was a ton of excitement and throughout the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium.  The fans cheered and teams began a back and forth battle throughout the game.  

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The KW Titans always make sure that their fans feel like they are part of the game.  Once again, they have brought back the kids basketball court dance and new this year is the JR Titans introductions.

Today's #JRTitans @kwtitans #HomeOpener #WeAreTitans #kwawesome #wrawesome #kwtitans @nbl_canada #AllOne #basketball

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We Can’t Win Them All, or Can You?

While the KW Titans were not able to take home a win, they sure scored a win with their fans! They broke an attendance record last night and many of their young fans were excited to meet the team after the game. 

Kids got to go see @kwtitans Home Opener last night! Thanks @those2girls for helping mum get tickets! #basketball

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With all of these smiling faces we call that a win in our books!

Time to Get Wild on Wednesday – PROMO CODE

We want to see everyone go wild for the KW Titans and they want to make sure you have an opportunity to attend lots of their home games this season.  That’s why you need to grab WILDWEDNESDAY tickets!

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2 FOR 1 Wednesday tickets
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on the left side of the screen, under the image, where it asks for the Promo Code type in WILDWEDNESDAY and click the GO button.
The screen will change to list the BOWL tickets for the Wednesday games.

The price will now be decreased to $12.50 per ticket but you need to buy them in quantities of 2 or you will get an error message (basically buy them in even numbers 2, 4, 6 etc)
We look forward to everyone going wild for the KW Titans! Have you been to a KW Titans game, or plan to? Tell us all about in the comments at the end of this post!

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