Thursday, March 30, 2017

No April Fooling, KW Titans Tickets Are Only $10 For Students So You Better Hop To It!

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With the push for the playoffs upon us, the KW Titans are taking it to the next level in April!

On March 28th the KW Titans broke the league record for most 3 pointers in a regular season game.  Get the low down in the video below.


With this much hype around the team, now is the time to grab your tickets for the final regular season games and with $10 STUDENT TICKETS it’s also the right price!

$10 Student Ticket Info
The $10 student tickets apply to elementary/grade school children, high school/secondary school kids, as well as University/College/Post-Secondary students.

Please note students in High School, University, College will be asked to produce their VALID Student ID card.  The $10 Student tickets can only be purchased in person at the Box Office on GAME DAY.


·         April 1st at 7pm (but they are not April Fooling you, it is GAME DAY)
·         April 15th at 7pm (a great way to spend Easter Weekend – Hop To It)
·         April 16th at 2pm (after your Easter egg hunt, head to the game)
·         April 22nd at 7pm
·         April 23rd at 2pm
·         April 29th at 7pm (last home game of the regular season)

April can sure be fun with April Fools jokes, the Easter Bunny and how about a BASKETBALL LOVING BUGS BUNNY? I think the video below has it all!


What could be more fun? Heading to the KW TITANS GAME of course!


  1. Hubby, son and nephew were at that record setting game, too! It was their first time and they all enjoyed it!