Sunday, August 10, 2014

What If The F Word Showed Up On This Blog

Keeping It Clean

Being a family friendly blog, the mention of The F Word on this post might have you second guessing this blog. What If I told you it's all okay and more about a great Parents' Night Out?

Last week we found ourselves at the screening of The F Word here in Waterloo Ontario. Now if you are a reader from the USA you would know this film as What If.

Meaning of The F Word

For the purposes of this film The F Word is referring to "friend" and the movie is about being the "the friend zone" and wondering What If the circumstances could be different. It stars Daniel Radcliffe as Wallace who wants to be more than friends with his new best friend Chantry played by Zoe Kazan.

Why You Should See The F Word

As you know from earlier posts, romantic comedies are more Diane's genre than mine, but this film had all the elements for me to thoroughly enjoy it.

  • They show the best part of The Princess Bride (the best movie ever)
  • The dialouge was extremely funny
  • Toronto was the back drop for film
  • Elvis's famous sandwich, aka Fools Gold is explained and in my opinion Fools Gold is the other F Word that makes this film great
We think this would be a great movie for a A Parents' Night Out or a night out with your Best Friend.

If you see it, let us know in the comments your thoughts on it and any Toronto landmarks you recognized!

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