Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Dive Into The Water Brothers Season 5 - Unboxing and Info


The Water Brothers Season 5 is now playing on a screen near you and to celebrate I was able to share my Unboxing this morning of these great items

The Water Brothers Season 5 is part of the continuing voyage through the challenges our water planet faces. Past seasons have included info from rising tides to plastic perils and urban water crises. This season brothers Alex and Tyler Mifflin focus on Ontario's waters and each episode provides valuable insights and inspires action. This show carries the message of water conservation forward, championing sustainable practices and advocating for a healthier, more resilient planet. Now is the time to dive into The Water Brothers Season 5!

Canada’s favorite water ambassadors Alex and Tyler Mifflin are back and taking viewers on a journey to investigate some of the most pressing environmental challenges facing us today and highlight solutions that can help better protect our most precious resource. 

Watch The Water Brothers Season 5 as well as the previous seasons online at or Season 5 televised episodes Thursdays on TVO

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