Thursday, October 19, 2023

Good Gal Pals Commiserate Over Bad Breakups in Bittergirl - The Musical - Now Playing at Drayton Entertainment's St. Jacobs Schoolhouse Theatre

Bittergirl - The Musical starts out with a romantic dinner gone wrong and then the hilarity ensues as three women navigate their bad breakups together. At first they challenge themselves with why it came to this, then choose self-improvement over self-loathing, but it all comes to a head when they get together to commiserate over drinks. This musical about heartbreak will have you laughing, cheering and singing as it goes from romantic ballads like "Be My Baby" to girl-power anthems like "I Will Survive".

If you ever had a bad breakup in any stage of life, you will relate to the tale being told on stage. Soon you to will be able to say 
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Grab Your Girl Gang and Get Your Tickets to Bittergirl - The Musical
Bittergirl - The Musical is now playing at the St. Jacobs Schoolhouse Theatre in the Village of St. Jacobs from now until December 24, 2023.  With many shows having Limited Availability, now is the time grab your girlfriends, gal pals and/or girl gang and get tickets!

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