Sunday, June 25, 2023

Get Engulfed in the World of The Super Mario Bros. Movie - Review

A few weeks ago I let you know that THE SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE was out and last night I watched everyone's favourite duo explore new worlds in this film full of adventure.

This animated feature was full of nostalgia and I was impressed by The Super Mario Bros. Movie and the way it captured the spirit of the fun-filled video games. While Mario and Luigi were engulfed in a Brooklyn plumbing emergency that sucked them into a different dimension, as a viewer I felt I was along for the ride as well. Every spectacular stop on the journey overwhelmed me with the attention to detail and bursts of colour on my screen.  This made The Super Mario Bros Movie story almost leap off the screen as the characters were pouncing from platforms, bounding on bricks and punching for power-ups! With all this spectacle, the movie never lost sight of the story of Mario never giving up no matter the odds. He is the hero who perseveres in his quest to save the world. This is why everyone loves these characters and you will love this movie too!

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