Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Get the First Look at Knowledge Kids’ First-Ever Original Animated Series Luna, Chip and Inkie: Adventure Rangers

Since it started streaming online, Knowledge Kids has been a big hit with families across Canada.  Now with the addition of the first Knowledge Kids original animated series Luna, Chip and Inkie: Adventure Rangers, Canadian Parents will soon have a whole new show to enjoy with their little ones. Here is the first look of these 3 friends soon to be streaming on Knowledge Kids

"Creative problem-solving, resilience and teamwork are central to the mission of Knowledge Kids content,” said Michele Paris, Senior Manager of Children’s Programming and Executive Producer on the series. “Luna, Chip and Inkie will help kids see new ways of approaching a problem and persevering to get the job done!”

Set in the forests, mountains, lakes and ocean near the fictional town of Eagle Creek, the series is inspired by the rugged, natural beauty of the Pacific West Coast. “Kids worldwide have spent more time than usual indoors lately,” said Paris. “This series is a love-letter to nature. We hope it’ll remind kids of the incredible adventures that await them when they head outdoors.”

Beginning in April 2022, this Canadian-produced series is sure to delight children aged 3-6. 

About Knowledge Kids
Knowledge Kids is a safe, trusted environment with the best and brightest shows for kids aged 2-8 brought to you by Knowledge Network, B.C.’s  viewer-supported public broadcaster. Free and commercial-free, Knowledge Kids is available on Knowledge Network’s television service in B.C. and across Canada via the website and Knowledge Kids streaming video apps, available for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku and the Amazon Fire Stick. For more information, visit or or follow Knowledge Kids on Facebook.

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