Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Raptors, Raccoons, Races and (Augmented) Reality Were All Themes at #CNE2019

As in prior years we love to tell our readers about the great experiences that happen each year at the CNE.   Last year the CNE brought a bright new exhibit to the Canadian National Exhibition. Legends of the Silk Road Come To Light is an astonishing indoor lantern festival that takes place daily at the CNE and this year the added Augmented Reality to the display.

The display has been moved to the arena for this year's event which is attached to the Enecare Centre.  Another switch is locations is the Butter Sculpture.  It has moved from the Farm Building to the Enecare Center, and if you are Disney and Marvel fans like we are, you are certain to be impressed by this year's projects.

Another display that has a new location is the sand sculpture.  This year's sand sculpture is all about the Toronto Raptors and can be found in the Farm building.

As shown in the instagram post the sand sculpture was not the only Raptors items we found around the CNE grounds.

I was all about the Raptors Raccoon 

While Diane was happy to see the ABLE Autism Raccoon

If you are looking to find the Raccoons Reimagined, they are situated by the fountain.

If you think we have you racing around the CNE grounds, then take a seat and watch 2 different races happening at this year's CNE.

The first is the SUPERDOGS show that can be found in the Enecare Centre 

and the second is a new entry into the Canadian National Exhibition.  It is THE EX Race.  If you are a fan of the Ninja Warrior challenges then this competition show will be fun for you watch and it may inspire you to participate in an upcoming race too.

If racing isn't your thing, there are a variety of shows at the Busker Stage outside of the arena and the International Stage inside the Enecare Centre.

We took in acrobats with bikes, hoops and fire!

All of these shows and exhibits are included in the Admission Price so visit their ticket page for pricing.

What treats did we have at the CNE?
With DOLE WHIPS of course.  Find them between the Busker Stage and the Bingo Tent. 
Did you know at the BINGO tent they have a FREE GAME on the hour? Be sure to ask Diane how she did! 

Every year that we go to the Canadian National Exhibition to provide media coverage, we have new experiences!

Remember the CNE ends on Labour Day so get there quick.
Let us know in the comments about your CNE experience!


  1. Love it. SOOOO excited to go this weekend! Thanks for the preview!

  2. Looks like you had fun, we're headed there tomorrow. Appreciate breakdown of the shows and display locations. ! Happy Long Weekend !

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