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Unique Easter Hunts Are So Much Fun with a Personalized Easter Hunt Bag from Stuck On You – Enter To Win

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Easter egg hunts are such a fun family tradition.  They can take place indoors or outdoors which makes them an activity everyone can enjoy. Plus, it doesn’t have to all about finding dyed eggs.  There are many variations of when it comes to an annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Unique Ideas For Easter Egg Hunts

Family Scavenger Hunt For Treats
I have to give my Aunt Cathy all the credit for this one.  Being that several generations of our family participate in this outdoor scavenger hunt, it has become the memories we talk about year after year on Easter. She puts clues in refillable plastic Easter Eggs and hides them around her property.  We all get dressed in our “outdoor gear” and head outside.  It always begins with a “Simon Says” warm up to get the little ones excited to participate. Then she reads the first clue.  When we figure out the spot it refers to, then we all run there and start looking for the next plastic Easter Egg with a clue to the treasure we know awaits us all.  This process repeats itself until all the eggs are found, and making sure all the little ones get a chance to be the one to find a colourful refillable egg containing a clue.  The final clue will take us all to the big prize, which happens to be a plethora of snack sized treats.  It is always fun to work up our appetites running around finding the clues and then snacking while we chuckle over how this year’s Easter Hunt went.

Easter Pinata

Many save Pinata fun for birthday party celebrations, but I suggest filling a bright coloured pinata with foil wrapped chocolate eggs and hiding it. I think it would be fun to hunt for the Easter Party Pinata and then see how long it takes to break it open and watch all the egg-shaped chocolates spill out of it.

Easter Hunt for Stickers

If you want an idea that doesn’t involve treats, try hunting for stickers.  Head to the dollar store and buy a few sets of stickers. They could be Easter or themed, or any that you think the crowd would like.  Make sure they have the same stickers on each sheet (that way no one is upset that someone else got “the best sticker”). Keep one sheet as the master sheet, but then cut out the stickers on the other sheets and hide them (you may want to tape them pebbles or pieces of lego so that they don’t fly away).
Make a master sheet showing which stickers everyone should look for, explain that there are enough of each one the stickers so that everyone gets one of each style of sticker.  At the end have everyone trade their sticker doubles so that each participant ends up with the same set of stickers.

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Personalized Easter Hunt Bag

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  1. We always do an egg hunt of course, but then the whole family comes over for a huge Easter dinner.

  2. We usually do an Easter egg hunt with treats and a few small presents, but I'm loving the pinata idea. My oldest especially would love to do that!

  3. Most years we have done an Easter Egg hunt, now that the kids are getting older we tend to do other things. Usually head out for a nice family walk and enjoy a nice dinner. The bunny still brings treats though in their baskets.

  4. Easter traditions include going to church for Easter Sunday service and having a traditional Greek Easter meal of roasted lamb. We also participate in our Neighbourhood Easter Egg Hunt and have our own mini Easter egg hunt in our backyard.

  5. My favorite Easter tradition is decorating eggs and spending time with family.

  6. Easter egg hunt followed by a family dinner.

  7. We have always enjoyed Easter Egg hunts with the kids.

  8. Our Easter Tradition is to do an Easter Egg hunt every year!