Saturday, September 1, 2018

The CNE Was Lit This Year - Canadian National Exhibition #CNE2018 – Media Coverage

As in prior years we love to tell our readers about the great experiences that happen each year at the CNE.   This year the CNE brought a bright new exhibit Canadian National Exhibition. Legends of the Silk Road Come To Light is an astonishing indoor lantern festival takes place daily at the CNE this year. It is an experience not to be missed at this year’s exhibition.  Each part of the exhibit was based on a fable, a myth or a legend.  Some of the structures included moving parts to animate the lit pieces.

Other exhibits we visited included the sand sculptures and this year’s horticultural pieces.

Acrobats, Stunt and Skating

We always make sure to attend the Ice Skating and Acrobatic show and this year included some show-stopping moments.

New this year, there was an ice skater that was also part of the acrobatic portion of the show.  Seeing this show is always a delight but this year the combination of the two forms by one performer took it to the next level.  

After the ice skating show we enjoyed two more thrilling shows.  One was based on martial arts performed by stuntman and a few film heroes took part in the show as well.



Did we mention that all of these shows and exhibits are included in admission price?  Want to see what else we did while we were providing media coverage of the CNE? Click the image below or head to


  1. Wow they really went all out to put on a beautiful show. Everyone had a wonderful time I am sure.

  2. This is pretty cool. I used to really enjoy watching ice skating performances, but it's been far too long since I've been. I need to fix that!

  3. How awesome that the shows are included in the admission. I'll have to check into this a little more.

  4. My daughter loves skating, and I know she'd enjoy that part for sure. It's a great deal for all that entertainment.

  5. What great deal, for one payment you can already enjoy all of this activities. Looks like a lot of fun how I love to visit and take the whole family with me.