Tuesday, February 7, 2017

OutGrow OutPlay Event Is Looking For Student Volunteers And Volunteer Consignor Partnerships

OutGrow OutPlay Spring Sale Event Date For 2017 has been announced! April 22 and 23rd

Location:Grand River Arena 555 Heritage Drive Kitchener Ontario
The OutGrow OutPlay event has had significant growth since their first event two years ago and they thank all of you who have supported it!

The difference this kind of event makes in the community takes many, many volunteers. They have raised $1,000’s of dollars for a local charity and supported 1,000’s of families and helped to make a positive difference in their lives!
Making the difference was their goal when they embarked on this journey! They are looking for volunteers to assist with this year's event

Start to set up on Wednesday, April 19th and will be working through to Sunday the 23rd. High school Students can use the event as part of their volunteer hours. If you know any teenagers that need hours or have access to any community groups, schools etc. please let OutGrow OutPlay Kitchener know or pass along the opportunity.

Not a teen but want to participate in this event? By becoming a parent volunteer, you get many perks throughout the event.  See the image below to learn more.

If you aren’t available, that’s cool! In this day and age, people are pulled in many directions and they completely understand! If that’s the case, please let your friends, co-workers and families know about the event! For more information visit these links

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KitchenerOutGROWOutPLAY/

For more volunteer opportunities in Kitchener Waterloo visit our post http://stufftodowithyourkidsinkw.blogspot.ca/2013/01/where-to-volunteer-in-kitchener-waterloo.html

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  1. I think its really great that you ladies share so much of your time providing the community with great deals and things to do. This looks like a great event for volunteers I will definitely share