Saturday, November 5, 2016

Doctor Strange Could Be The Bargaining Chip In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Last month we let you know that Doctor Strange would be screening soon as part of the Marvel Studios lineup of films that would intertwine with each other. Now that the film has been released, here are our thoughts.

The Doctor Is In

DOCTOR STRANGE starts in a familiar way, very reminiscent of the first IRON MAN movie. Stephen Strange is an intelligent, snarky, self-absorbed man looking to raise his status and increase his wealth.  This all changes when tragedy strikes, and a new self-discovery story begins.  While this could be the same description of Tony Stark’s story in Iron Man, this is where the similarities end. Instead using technology to battle war overlords, Dr. Stephen Strange opens his mind to change fate and reality while battling mystic beings in this Marvel film.

The Who, What, When, Where And Why You See Doctor Strange

Who Should See Doctor Strange?

If you are a fan of the Marvel movies, then you should already be in line to see this film. 
For those with younger children, please note there is violence and some graphic accident and hospital scenes.

What Should You Bring With You To Doctor Strange?

The only requirement beyond your movie tickets is your imagination. Doctor Strange will mystify you with its story and scenery from the beginning to the end of this film.


Right now! The movie was released yesterday. Check your local listings. We think it's great timing for the release being that he sports facial hair and it's MOVEMBER

Where Should You See Doctor Strange?

Anywhere they are showing the film in 3D! While I know many people who are not fans of these types of movies, 3D is actually party of the experience of this film.  It is the best way to see how the characters shape their reality.

Why Should You See Doctor Strange?

We think you will enjoy this film for so many reasons. It is an all-around fantastic movie, but there’s much more!
While you will soon understand the phrase, "Dormamu I've Come To Bargain"

We believe that’s not the only time a bargain is to be made with Doctor Strange. While you already know that from pictures that Doctor Strange wears the Eye of Agamotto on a chain around his neck, from the movie posters,

it’s what the eye contains that may be the bargaining chip that connects the Avengers to the Guardians Of The Galaxy. Plus while you wait during the credit roll (you know to do that with all the Marvel movies right?), you see that Doctor Strange is creating another bargain to connect with someone already familiar. (FYI still stay until ALL the credits roll for another glimpse of what Doctor Strange will be up to next). It seems to us that it's just what the doctor ordered!

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