Tuesday, October 4, 2016

FUZEnation Brings The Music And Tech Together In Kitchener Ontario Canada – Media Coverage

FUZEnation came to the City of Kitchener last week for their inaugural music and tech summit.  It started out as the area’s best kept secret and finished as the ultimate EDM party. We attended several of the scheduled events and had a firsthand look at how tech, talk, tunes and turntables converged in Kitchener.

FUZEnation Lit The Fuse With Their VIP Party – Night One 

 FUZEnation Lit The Fuse With Their VIP Party – Night One The first night of FUZEnation began with a kick off party at McCabe’s Cork Hall in downtown Kitchener. The toned down atmosphere quickly turned up once A-TRAK hit the stage.
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This was big for Kitchener to get a DJ-ing champ as well-known as A-TRAK to play such an intimate show.

He even took the time to take photos with the guests at the event.

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Time To Infuse The Tech At FUZEnation

Day 2

FUZEnation moved venues for the remainder of the summit.  The converted factory now known as LOT41 hosted the rest of the festivities.
The afternoon brought TWITTER co-founder BIZ STONE to the stage.  He had an inspiring talk about staying humble and working to change things for the better.  He said he got his start doing book design, then moved onto web design which brought him into the internet startup world. Profit, enjoy your work and make an impact on the world is how Biz Stone describes success.
After the Q&A with Biz Stone was finished it was time to refuel at the Food Truck area.

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That evening STEVE WOZNIAK, co-founder of APPLE came to speak about his experiences from creating a house to house intercom with his friends during his childhood to the formation of Apple and what he thinks about the products they create today. He talked about the how false the films are when it comes to how Apple computers came about.  He mentioned that Steve Jobs was more on the marketing side of things making tweaks to the products that were created.  Steve Wozniak said that Apple’s goal is to always be innovative and let us in on a little known fact that SIRI started out as a 3rd party app on iTunes that Apple later included in their devices. He also left us with his formula for life.  HAPPINESS = SMILES MINUS FROWNS PLUS FOOD FUN AND FRIENDS. Also known as a master prankster I think he works that into the equation as well.
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Day 3

The last day for tech speakers at FUZEnation included REDDIT co-founder ALEXIS OHANIAN.  He spoke about the positive atmosphere on Reddit and how each community works to assist one another.  This was very astonishing, knowing how much negativity is expressed on other social media sites.  He also explained what an impact Canadians have on the website and how there is a community for any topic you can think of.  Everything from Drag Queens to Historians is the best way to describe the communities, otherwise known as sub-reddits on the Reddit platform.  He also talked about how important it is to stay creative in the startup arena and that community creators online and offline are important builders of cultureT

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FUZEnation changed LOT41 Into An Electrical Fuse Box For The Finale

On the final night of FUZEnation had a mix of bands and DJs in their line-up.  The music pulsed through the warehouse setting and the energy from both the performers and the audience lit up the venue.
While Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler is no stranger to performing in Kitchener, this time his daughter was in the spotlight as KANEHOLLER started the show.

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The follow up performers were DJ-ing duo THE HIM which got the fists pumping and the feet stomping inside LOT41

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Keys N Krates really fit this idea of FUZEnation bring together drum beats, keyboards and DJ mixing.

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The Adventure Club, best known for their hit WONDER, brought their brand of multi-tempo beats the stage and had the crowd on its feet for their hour long set.

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Fresh off his 2016 Olympics Closing Ceremony performance, headline KYGO had so much energy that the entire building and everyone in it was energized throughout his set.  It was a great way to end the night and the FUZEnation Music and Tech Summit.

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While this was the first event for FUZEnation in Kitchener we can see this event building year after year.  This conference really surmised what it is to live in the area.  To see music and tech collide in such a fantastic way shows just how great the culture is in the “tech hub of Canada” 


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