Saturday, September 17, 2016

We’re Lucky To Have LUCKY STIFF Performed Locally @ KWLT – Enter To Win


We'll start with the Disclaimer - Yes we did receive complimentary tickets, but this just means we're able to offer you a chance attend too! Enter the contest at the end of this post.
As many of our readers know we enjoy heading to the theatre for musical performances as well as comedic plays.  The Kitchener Waterloo Little Theatre has them both rolled into one this fall with their upcoming LUCKY STIFF show. 

A quick synopsis of this musical farce is

“A murder throws English shoe salesman Harry Witherspoon into a chaotic adventure: taking his dead uncle on a vacation to Monte Carlo in exchange for a $6 million dollar inheritance”

Basing it on the movie trailer below we think it would make a great PARENTS’ NIGHT OUT or could be a hilarious time for families with older children (the KWLT is rating it PG-13 with adult content).

Just For Fun



As you can LUIGI GAUDI was picked for me.  I’ll have to see if it rings true after we attend the performance.

With the affordable ticket prices and various dates available it could be a great wall to kick off autumn.  Be sure to grab your tickets before they are gone! Plus, we are excited to giveaway a pair of tickets in the contest below.


Enter To Win

Enter the rafflecopter contest below (it may take a minute to load) and tell us which character you got in the WHICH LUCKY STIFF CHARACTER ARE YOU QUIZ. It may just win you a night out for you and a guest to attend LUCKY STIFF @ KWLT!
a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I got Rita- Rita La Porta is a very eccentric woman from New Jersey with an extremely volatile nature and a severe case of nearsightedness. Rita is very insecure about her looks, which is why she rarely wears her glasses. She is passionate, impulsive, and manipulative. Things often get out of hand when Rita is present.

    You are a natural leader who is used to getting what your way. Some people may call you opinionated, bossy, or high strung. You like to be (and normally are) the best at everything, and are willing to compete with anybody that challenges you. You're a strong and powerful person with a willingness to achieve.

  2. this is really cool.. to all who entered all i can say is good luck.

  3. I got Annabel Glick. This does look hilarious. I will have to suggest it to my husband For a date night.

  4. Thanks for the giveaway! I haven't been to a movie in forever!