Tuesday, September 8, 2015

#GuidingStarsCA Wants To Reward You When You #EatMoreStars #PCStars


Take Your Grocery Cart To The Next Level

Many of our readers have been following our journey this summer with GUIDINGSTARS.CA.
It began with us learning how to participate in the FREE Guiding Stars program.

Next we learned who to ask if we need assistance with our shopping list.

Then we received some recipe ideas for our 3 Star items.

Well now it's time for some next level offers!

Level 5 - Guiding Stars Program

For those who are MARVEL fans like me, you know that Level 5 is up there when it comes to S.H.I.E.L.D. security clearance. I am proud to say that for the Guiding Stars program I have reached the program's top level.  Now it's up to me to ensure I maintain that level of healthy eating.

My #GuidingStarsCA numbers are on the rise! #PCStars

Posted by Lisa McDonald on Friday, August 21, 2015

Our audience has let us know that they are glad to learn about these offerings at their local Loblaws affiliated store and some readers have followed in our footsteps (or grocery cart tracks).

Well friends it's time to be rewarded for you efforts!

The Guiding Stars program is offering BONUS PC Plus offers this month! That means more points for your PC Plus account!

How The Guiding Stars Bonus Offers Work

Many of you are already familiar with the PC Plus Points offers that are sent to you weekly.  Now you have the opportunity to load up on even more points! 

Follow these steps

  • Head to GuidingStars.ca
  • Pick your local Loblaws store
  • Login with your PC Plus account info
  • Grab the BONUS GUIDING STARS offer
Need a visual? Check the images below

Plus You'll Also Receive

• 10 pts for each 1 star rated product
• 30 pts for each 2 star rated product
• 60 pts for each 3 star rated product

This means you will reap the rewards of both healthy eating and PC Plus points!

Do you think you have what it takes to take your grocery cart to the next level? Let us know about it! Leave a comment below.


  1. The guiding stars program has been so helpful over the past few months! It's nice to see offers that can help us take a bite out of the grocery bill with PC plus points! So many great things! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! So glad to see that so many Canadians using the Guiding Stars program

  2. I have been really enjoying the program so far, and now the chance for these extra points have made it even better :) And YAY for Level 5 for you!

  3. Love that we can gain more points from the #eatmorestars event! and 3000 points for cereal? That's amazing!

  4. We have been following the Guiding Stars these last few months too. Makes it so easy to make more informed food choices. Love the Eat More Stars...eat healthier and rack up the points!

  5. This is something I wish was out there when I was first stepping out on my own - I think my 20-year old daughter and her cohorts could learn a lot from Guiding Stars from the sound of it!

  6. Wow Level 5, I am stuck at Level 3 but working hard to get better!
    And now with Bonus PC Points, even more motivation!