Sunday, June 7, 2015

Finding Your Inner Joy (or Anger, Sadness, Fear or Disgust) With Disney's Inside Out - Enter To Win

Inside Out Gets You In Touch With Your Inner Emotions

Summer is here and that means it's what we call here in Ontario, construction season.  While it might be frustrating at times...

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Posted by Walt Disney Studios on Thursday, June 4, 2015
...the sunshine and warm weather always call for celebration!  Which is why we are thrilled to giveaway a family 4 pack of tickets to the advanced screening of Disney's Inside Out! This JOYUS event will take place Saturday June 13 at 10am at Galaxy Cinemas Conestoga Mall Waterloo.
Here is a little more about the film


Do you ever look at someone and wonder what is going on inside their head? Disney•Pixar’s original new film "Inside Out" ventures inside the mind to find out.
Based in Headquarters, the control center inside 11-year-old Riley’s mind, five Emotions are hard at work, led by lighthearted optimist Joy (voice of Amy Poehler), whose mission is to make sure Riley stays happy. Fear (voice of Bill Hader) heads up safety, Anger (voice of Lewis Black) ensures all is fair and Disgust (voice of Mindy Kaling) prevents Riley from getting poisoned—both physically and socially. Sadness (voice of Phyllis Smith) isn’t exactly sure what her role is, and frankly, neither is anyone else.
Inside Out Review
Inside Out proves that life is an emotional rollercoaster.  This film shows how our feelings make us react to the ups and downs of life.  The characters in Riley's head make her show her inner most feelings about moving to a new place, attending a new school, making new friends and finding interest in boys.  Each of the situations can by over reacted to if your emotions aren't kept in check.  As Riley matures in the film so do the characters inside her head.

Enter To Win

The contest listed below (might take a minute to load the rafflecopter contest form. If the contest does not pop up, clear your cache and refresh) is for a chance to win a family of 4 pack of tickets to the the advanced screening of Inside Out. Be sure to post your answer to the question listed in the Rafflecopter Widget in the comment section below.

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  1. I have been looking forward to this coming out!

  2. I am a Disney movie lover this movie looks super cute. im sure my nephew and daughter would love to see it as well :)

  3. Movie looks great from the trailer and I'm always up for going to a film I can enjoy with my son.

  4. The previews look awesome & my daughters are both really looking forward to it!

  5. I would love to take my kiddos to see this movie! They saw the preview for it and thought it looked really awesome. I think that it seems like it's entertaining and has a great message for kids.

  6. Inside Out is a funny, heartwarming, and deep journey into the human mind. Pixar has a filmography that's hard to match, and things will remain that way if they keep putting out films of this caliber. As per usual the story is well crafted, and inventive, but the most impressive thing is the use of humor to help the moments of true drama. By that I mean the film has a relatable humor, that anybody can laugh at and have a good time with, so when the film decides to get serious it hits the audience even deeper. This something Pixar's always been good at, but this movie has some of the most touching moments since Up. On top of the brilliant use of humor, the visuals are stunning, the voice acting is perfect, and the characters are surprisingly well crafted. In the end Inside Out is one of Pixar's best films in the last 5 years, and is worth seeing on the big screen.

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