Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Beefed Up For The Roundup App And #CanadianBeefApp Twitter Party

Bring On The Canadian Beef

Being the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassadors for Kitchener Waterloo we are all about local Canadian Beef!  I've taken it to the next level with what I like to call STEAK SUNDAY!

Yes most Sunday dinners involve a steak and then the left overs usually end up in a stirfry, wrap or stew later that week.  Now I can find more beef recipe ideas with THE ROUNDUP app.

Whether sizzling a steak or rustling up a roast,
The ROUNDUP™ app can help with:
searching cuts by name cut descriptions cooking know-how tenderness guide recipes and more

The Roundup App Twitter Party

Tuesday March 31st there will be a Twitter Party for The Roundup app! It begins at 8pm

To get prepared make sure to visit the #CanadianBeefApp Twubs page

I hope you will join us for twitter party. There's no RSVP required, just a lot of great twitter conversations!

Do you have a cut of beef or beef recipe you love? Be sure to post it in comments!


  1. Looking forward to the party! Such a great app! I have it on my phone! As for fave beef recipes, as beef farmers, we have many! I love Beef & Broccoli, Hubby loves steak and Little One loves everything...as long as there's beef! LOL!

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