Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How To Spend Less And Save More For Christmas

Christmas Is Coming

Just because Christmas is a few months away doesn't mean you should put it out of your mind. When it comes to getting ready for Christmas being prepared is the key!

Start Early

It's never too early to get your Christmas Shopping done! Buying throughout the year makes is less of a burden on the bank account.  It may sound like a strang idea, but a lot of it has to do with the right mindset. 

Tips For Year Round Christmas Shopping

  1. It's Better To Give. When you're out and see a great deal, instead of grabbing it for yourself, think if someone on your Christmas list would like it and purchase it for them instead. You'll still have the thrill of the good buy but you'll also be chipping away at your To-Do list at discount rate!
  2. Hit The Clearance Area. Right now a lot of beach items will be on sale, but what child wouldn't want their favourite character beach towel to use as a bath towel year round? Perhaps you have people on your list that travel to tropical destinations over the winter. They would find a lot of summer themed items useful for their trip. 
  3. Grab The Seasonal Deals. With this being the back to school time of year, use that to your advantage. It's a great time for deals on electronics, stationary supplies and dorm-room decorative items.
  4. Pay With Your Points.  If you have points racked up on a card use it for gift purchases. Store point cards get you everything from fancy perfumes to laptop computers.
Now the bulk of your shopping is done but it's still a good idea to have some extra cash around for those last minute co-worker, secret Santa and/or hostess gifts ready. It's time to prepare for that too!

Get Out Your Piggie Bank

Today is September 2nd which means Christmas is 113 days away (give or take a few hours). If you skip your coffee run and put away a toonie a day, you'll have $226 saved up to help with the last minute shopping!

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