Monday, June 9, 2014

Local Food Week In Kitchener Waterloo

Food At It's Freshest

This year marks the first Local Food Week in Ontario.  Being in Kitchener-Waterloo, the home of the BUY LOCAL BUY FRESH movement, buying local food is almost second nature here.  We are very fortunate to be in a part of Ontario where we can enjoy the luxuries of city life with the a multitude of local food choices.


Kicking Off Local Food Week

We began the week by launching our Food Revolution KW facebook page as a continuation of our Food Revolution event.

From Farm To Market To Table 

It was great to be at the Kitchener Market for a cooking class with Chef Terry. Remember the 1st episode of this season's Top Chef Canada where one chef prepped while the other chef had to finish the meal?  Terry brought that experience to this special Kitchener Market cooking class, and it was pretty cool to see that we could step up to the plate with the skills we have learned.

Next we  celebrated Local Food Week with the inaugural Farmers Dinner.  It was a fantastic evening with a 4 course dinner with local food offerings from the Saturday Market Vendors, cooked to perfection!

Topping the week off was the Local Food celebration with a Market Tour and Cooking Demo with Chef D and bonus cooking lesson from Chef Steven.


Ask The Experts

After the celebration I did my own shopping at Kitchener Market with lots of ingredients I had not bought before and was able to prepare them with extra insight given to me by both the chefs and the farm vendors I at the Kitchener Market this past week.  Lets just say I've never prepared a Celery Root aka Celeriac before, but before a washed and cleaned it I had a little fun by asking my facebook friends what this is

The answers ranged from aliens to owl pellets (with lots of correct answers in the mix too). 

How Do You Celebrate Local Food?

How often do you frequent local growers and farm markets? Did you do something special for Local Food Week in Ontario? Leave a comment below and let us know about it!

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