Saturday, September 28, 2013

Yogurty's Waterloo Ontario Grand Opening

Getting our Yogurty's On

Back in July we had the priviledge to attend the Waterloo Yogurty's Grand Opening as a local VIP. What did VIP status get us? Well lets just say it helped keep our hair dry from the crazy storms we experienced all summer. Front of the line for frozen yogurt might not sound like a perk, but once we were inside the doors the fun began.

With all flavours of froyo and toppings to choose from we mixed and our custom yogurt delights and mingled with those in attendance. We got to meet the owner Mike Harris, his Dad Mike Harris and local politician Mike Harris! Plus ran into the Kloestra family. You can see Erica's post on her Bassgiraffe Thoughts blog

Now you may be wondering why it took from July to September to post about this experience. You see my iPad had been acting up and unable to load videos to YouTube but now with the latest update I was finally able to post this

It was worth the wait don't you think?
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