Saturday, June 15, 2024

Wendy and Peter Pan has its North American Premiere at the Stratford Festival


I attended the Opening of Wendy and Peter Pan at the Stratford Festival and have since come to know that it was also the North American Premiere of this production.  To celebrate we were welcomed to the red carpet and received a chocolate star as well.  The audience was filled with both families and theatre-goers for this special performance.

Most versions of the story of a boy that never grows up gives Peter Pan top billing, but in more recent years films have been based around Hook & Tinkerbell.  This performance puts Wendy at the forefront where she struggles to keep her family intact after a great loss. You see how she shifts between childhood, adolescence and sometimes adulthood with responsibilities that have been thrust upon her. In fact, many of the characters struggle with the idea of getting older and what that means.

Below is some Behind the Scenes Rehearsal Footage

Wendy and Peter Pan gives Wendy pride of place in a reimagined journey to Neverland, home of Hook and the Lost Boys. Join Wendy Darling, Peter Pan and all your favourite characters in this thoroughly modern adventure that delivers all the unforgettable thrills, spills and fairy dust of the beloved children’s classic.

Get Your Tickets for Wendy and Peter Pan
Wendy and Peter Pan is now playing at the Avon Theatre in Stratford Ontario until October 27th.  Tickets are available at 

or by calling Toll-free: 1 800 567 1600

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