Saturday, November 14, 2020

Gift of Lights – Bingemans Annual Christmas Light Display Drive-Thru in Kitchener Waterloo Ontario Canada

Please note that we were gifted this experience by Bingemans, but that just means we get to tell you all about it and you get a preview of what took place. 


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Kicking off the Christmas Season

Our hearts were all a glow when arrived last night at Bingemans for the Gift of Lights VIP night!  We found this year’s display dazzling and found some extra special surprises along the way as well. Driving through Bingemans for the Gift of Lights is our Kick-Off for the Christmas season.

As our readers know from our past experiences at the Gift of Lights, we really enjoy all the light tunnels, motion displays and the unique lit features.  This year included those and so much more.

We were greeted by a Gift of Lights arch, found reindeer bounding over the car and a salute to our First Responders that have worked so hard to keep our community safe during Covid-19.

We also had perfect timing for the Drone Show that happened to be going on at the same time and caught a glimpse of it too.

(please note this was a separate event and not part of the Gift of Lights, we were just lucky and got to see it for a minute).

Watch the video below to see a quick recap of our experience this year.

To make the VIP Night extra special, were gifted a box of decorated cookies to enjoy!


Bubble Safe Holiday Fun

Because of the Coronavirus, the 2020 Christmas Holiday Season will be quite different this year.  As always, we encourage families to stay safe when choosing family-friendly activities and you can include the Gift of Lights as a great way to spend some magical moments with those in your bubble.

The Drive-Thru setup means that you can experience the Gift of Lights inside your vehicle, but if you like there are also Walk Through Gift of Lights dates available as well.  For even more fun, choose an Add-On like a pizza party, or a package of cookies like the ones we received, but with the extra fun of being able to decorate them together to extend your experience after you have shared a fun night at Bingemans.


Give the Gift of the Gift of Lights

Gift of Lights tickets are a great way to give a family a joyful experience for Christmas 2020.  Just head to for all the ticket options. Not only are you giving a great gift, if purchased for specific dates you can also be supporting local organizations that are important to Kitchener Waterloo and the Region of Waterloo.

November 29th - In partnership with Family and Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region
December 17
th - In partnership with Grand River Hospital Foundation
January 3
rd - In partnership with The Food Bank of Waterloo Region

Please note that there are various dates, times, and prices available. For more information about the Gift of Lights visit these links

Website: or





Have you been to the Gift of Lights at Bingemans or plan to? Let us know in the comments!



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  1. This drive through of lights would of been a lot of fun. Where we live the area is too small to have this.