Saturday, December 15, 2018

Start 2019 with Healthy Lunches Thanks to the Stuck On You #BentoBox – Enter To Win

We'll start with the Disclaimer – Yes, we did receive a complimentary product, but this just means we're able to offer you a chance to win one too! Enter the contest at the end of this post!

The New Year is just around the corner and which makes it a great time to get into new routines.  Eating better is a great way stay healthy and the Stuck On You Bento Box makes it easy to do so!  See how easy it is to pack a lunch with this bright, colourful and personalized lunch box.

Bears in Tiaras OH MY!

One of the memorable lines in The Wizard of Oz is “Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY” well when I noticed what looked to me to be a Bear in a Tiara, I had an OH MY moment myself and knew this was the choice for our Bento Box designs.  These bright and cheerful lunch boxes came with our names on them as well, so we think there is a perfect colour and design for every member of your family as well.  Head to and see all the selections available.

Easy to Prepare Recipe Ideas for Your Stuck On You Bento Box Plus It’s Easy To Clean Too

The Stuck On You Bento Box is a 3 piece construction.  The outer shell complete with personalization, and inner tray that easily removed for fast clean up and rubber seal to keep everything in place once it’s filled up with a delicious lunch. While it is made up of three pieces, the instructions warn not to remove the seal from the outer shell casing of the bento box. To see all the care instructions, click on the image below to enlarge it.
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For my first bento box creation I made Chicken, Goat Cheese and Spinach Pinwheel Wraps with sides of fruit, veggies, seven grain pita crackers and hummus. While the box lables give you and idea of where things should go, because my wraps had grains, protein, dairy and vegetables all in one I mixed it up a bit.

Here’s how I made my Chicken, Goat Cheese and Spinach Pinwheel Wraps

1.       I chopped a fully cooked chicken breast (I only used about half of it in my recipe, so I had enough to make another for the next day).

2.       Then I crumbled half of small size package of Goat Cheese and used a fork to mix and mash it into the chopped chicken

3.       Next, I washed a handful of baby spinach

4.       I layered the spinach and chicken mixture onto a whole wheat wrap.  For a variation you could spread the hummus on the wrap first and then layer it up, but because I made this the night before I didn’t want the wrap to get soggy so instead, I packed the hummus in the circular compartment to dip my wraps and veggies into it.

5.       Finally, I folded/rolled up my wrap and cut it into 2-inch pieces so it fit nicely into the bento box.

I filled the other compartments with radishes, kohlrabi, carrots and blackberries, pita chips and as mentioned about the hummus was added to the circular compartment.  For other bento box inspiration check out the video below and the idea list.

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Do you know someone that would like this for this Christmas? We think it would make a great gift! 

To learn more about Stuck On You visit the links below

Or you can visit their Canadian website to get all the info.

We thought busy parents would like this so much that we are having a giveaway!

Enter To Win 

Enter the rafflecopter contest below (it may take a minute to load) and tell us what you would put in a bento box. It may just win you a Stuck On You product! (NOTE when commenting below it is best to be logged into your google account. After you click publish, it may take up to one minute for your comment to show. Please wait for it to publish before clicking anything else). THIS CONTEST IS FOR CANADIAN RESIDENTS ONLY
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  1. I'd use the bento box for my 5 year old son. In it I would put some of his favourites like popcorn chicken, cheese string, nectarine, carrots, cucumbers and maybe some bear paws.

  2. I have been wanting one of these for a while now.

  3. I would put cucumbers,strawberries and carrots in the bento box.

  4. I would put anything healthy in there I could quickly think of for my 4 year old! I have to get out of the habit of making his lunch in the morning. Haha

  5. I would put some carrots, crackers, cheese and a granola bar in.

  6. I'm not sure! I'm really dreading having to pack lunches next year.

  7. I would use it mostly for a variety of vegetables.

  8. I am not sure what my son would want in his bento box. I am sure an array of goldfish crackers, some cheese in shapes , some candies , pizza roll bites that sort of stuff.

  9. My little one is not really good eater... I will put in his favorite food, so I will be sure that he eat it!

    Home made madailions - like small pankakes but more neutral than sweet)
    Soure cream with pinch of salt foe deap
    Baby carrots and cherry tomatoes
    Cheese strings
    Sliced apple

  10. I would put lots of veggies and hummus, fruit and pinwheels

  11. I'd pack some cucumber and pepper slices, a mandarin orange, chickpea salad, some vegan animal crackers, and pumpkin seeds.

  12. We would put home made pizza lunchables

  13. I would put cut veggies and dip and cut fruits too.

  14. I put deli meat, cheese, fruits, vegetables, sandwiches in it. So many options!

  15. I would be putting cheese, crackers, meat, veggies and fruit... mmmmmm

  16. I would use this for mango, cucumbers and peppers, baba ganoush, a spinach salad and croutons.