Monday, June 20, 2016

#JustKeepSwimming Your Way To #FindingDory

#HaveYouSeen Her? If Not, You Should Fix That

Last week Walt Disney Studios Canada invited us to their advance screening of Finding Dory. It was an enjoyable experience from start to finish!  It began with the Pixar short film Piper which set the tone for the evening.  Piper is about how giving a child some independence can be scary but in the long run make them a problem solver.  This is also the theme in Finding Dory.  You learn how Dory became a quick thinker despite he short term memory issues.  It also gives a look at how Dory's core values were instilled in her at a very young age and how they help her through her journeys. You even learn where her tagline "Just Keep Swimming" came from. It was a wonderful film filled with laughs, a few tears and many cute moments.

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