Thursday, April 2, 2015

World Autism Day 2015

Centre In The Square Introduces Us To Magnusmode

Over the last couple of months Centre In The Square has brought Magnusmode in to demostrate the Magnuscards App.

From the Magnusmode ABOUT US page
Inspired by her younger brother Troy, Magnusmode was created by Nadia Hamilton, a Toronto-based entrepreneur that has dedicated her life to assisting individuals with special needs. Troy has autism, and at the age of 24 faced a frustrating lack of options after he graduated from high school. As an instructional therapist, Nadia has worked with many families facing similar challenges. She understands their fears and frustrations. This led her to create a set of online tools that would blend proven methods of instruction with elements of game design, and cater to the unique needs of teens and young adults with autism and other special needs.

By attending the performances that highlighted the app, we were able to follow step by step instructions that the approvided.

The steps including things like

*How to find your seat
*How to order beverages from the concession stand
*Who to identify with if assistance is required

We did a trial run of the steps to find our seats when we attended the Shaping Sound performance.

As you go through the steps you earn points. So the app has both learing and gaming elements to it.  After going through the steps to find your seat we sat back and enjoyed the show.

The second time the Magnuscards app was presented at Centre In The Square was when The Preservation Jazz Hall band took the stage.  This time the attendees were encouraged to use the app to purchase concession stand items, similar to the way we used it to find our seats.

After the presentation we got to hear the world famous Preservation Hall Jazz Band!

Being that April 2 is World Autism Day we thought it would make sense to tell you all about our experience!

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