Saturday, July 31, 2010

Civic Holiday & FUN STUFF

Happy Long Weekend!

Not so happy with the rain? Well guess what I have a solution!
Head to EZ STREET in Cambridge & get your 35% just for being a memeber of this group.
I know some of you were asking about pricing.
So I went again last Sunday. I got a COMBO #1
Which consists of 2 Rounds of Lazer Runner (LazerTag) AND 2 Rounds of Ballidium (foam ball launcher showdown) & with my discount the total was only $15 per person.
They are on Hwy 24, 580 Hespler Rd Cambridge, behind the A&W
Here's their FB page!/group.php?gid=113591382011650&ref=ts
While you're in Cambridge you might want to also visit The Grand Opening for a new Children's Clothing Store
I want to thank Jenn for letting me know about the Pirate Festival in Milton!/event.php?eid=141006822577035&ref=nf Happening all long weekend
When I was driving down Highland Rd on Monday I saw that Parts Source has a car show every Monday night
Thanks to Sean for Today's Parent Kidsummer at Wat Reg Museum (aka Doon Crossroads) Aug 4th!/photo.php?pid=5913658&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=2369595749&aid=-1&id=729068938
Thanks to Peggy for this list
Aug 1Crusin' the Dub – A&W - Cambridge South Shopping Centre
Mill Race Festival -1pm – 11pm -

Aug2Crusin' the Dub – A&W -Victoria Street Kitchener
Summer Concert Series – Waterloo Public Square – 7pm – 8:30pm

Aug 3 Skatium Doon Pioneer Park
Lions Pride – Main Library – 6:30pm
Free Swim – 10am – 12pm – Idlewood Pool
Concert – noon – Waterloo Public Square - TBA

Aug 4 Skatium
Doon Pioneer Park
Lion's Pride – 11 am – Kitchener Market
Lion's Pride – Pioneer Park Library – 10:30am
Free Swim – Moses Springer – 6:30 – 8pm
Crusin' the Dub – A&W – Bleams Rd. Kitchener
Radio Controlled Boats – City Hall Kitchener – 6:30- 8:30pm

August 5 Kitchener Blues Festival
Doon Pioneer Park
Lion's Pride – Forest Heights Library – 10 am
Crusin' the Dub – A&W -Cambridge Hespeler Rd -
Outdoor Movie Night – 50 Dickson Rd. Cambridge – 8:30pm
(The Blindside)

Aug 6 Kitchener Blues Festival
Family Flicks – Kitchener Main Library – 1:30pm (Toy Story 2)
Free Swim – Harry Class – 2:00pm – 4:30pm

Aug 7Kitchener Blues Festival
Kids Club – Kitchener Market – 9am – 11am
Lions Pride – Main Library – 10:30 am
Free Swim – 3:30pm – 5:00pm – Breithaupt Pool
Now for the FUN STUFF!!!!!!
Make sure you are a part of the #EllenToKW page that I am also admin on because we're holding a contest starting MONDAY
Want a hint? Waterpark fun might be in your future!
Okay here I go wtih my stuff
MeFest ....
Should I wear the Tiara that day?
RSVP & leave a comment!

By the way we have a few vendor spots left. We're about 2 months away so you need to email me asap

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