Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Friends, Movies & More Festivals!

(Above pics were from the Outdoor Movie at Cambridge City Hall earlier this month)

Hi All
Thanks to everyone that was willing to come up & say HI last Sunday. It was so nice to hear how all of you enjoy the info generated from this group.
I've also been told that City of Waterloo will keep us updated about upcoming events (as I didn't know about BIKEAPLOOSA or I would have let all of you know about it too)
Tomorrow night (THURSDAY)Waterloo Park is playing MONSTERS VS ALIENS(I saw that earlier this month at Cambridge City Hall)It's a really FUN FAMILY MOVIE
There will also be a movie THURSDAY at Cambridge City Hall- IRON MAN

They don't list the movies online, so I took a pic of the stand with the listing sign at the top of this posting.
This Sunday there is another family friendly festival at Victoria Park
Also I've been told that Kids Eat Free certain nights at Ye's Sushi, but I don't remember which days (I'd suggest calling the restaraunts to ask 2 locations in KW)

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