Friday, July 10, 2009

Warnings from our group/ Blast

Hello everyone
the blast is farther down on this long post today. 1st off if you are not a member of our facebook group you did not receive the message I sent on Thursday & today. If feel all parents should be informed on Thursday I heard something on the radio that sickend me

I thought you all should know that a man tried to grab a 9 yr old

I hope they catch that sicko!
I just want you all to be aware & make sure your kids are safe

One of the group members sent this to me & asked that I pass it on

She said...
Here is a note that I posted in May regarding the same issue this is all over the place (These all happened within cambridge) Please pass it on

There have been 3 reports in the last month of a man trying to get little girls into there car
1. St. Peter's school 4 weeks ago a man in a red car tried to pick a girl up after school by offering her a ride home and wanting to know why she was alone. The girl ran away and told a notice by the school was sent out to all parents

2.Sat May 16th-A girl was chased behind Chalmer's St. school when she began screaming for help the man ran away.

3.Tues May 19th Hillcrest school 8:30 am a man in a car approached a girl walking alone to school and tried to force her into his car she got away and a notice from the school was sent out to all parents today from this school.

Since it was my own daughter who was chased on Sat May 16th I can give you a discription and from what I've heard today it is almost the same as what happened at Hillcrest school yesterday other then the clothes worn.

Tall man around 6 feet, white, longish hair (my daughter said like hockey hair), dark in colour, between the ages of 35-40.

Please take extra care to watch your children they are of course the most speical gift we have in life.

Thank-you to everyone who messaged me comments about yesterday's 2 messages (VERY IMPORTANT...)

I now have an additional one followed by the BLAST

Lisa: there was a fourth one as well. About a week after the one at Hillcrest, there was an attempted abduction near Hespeler Public. Feel free to pass this on as well. Tks for all you do! :)
This event might be something to look into following yesterdays messages
FREE Parent Child Stranger Awareness Workshop
When? Friday, July 10, 2009 from 6 - 7pm
What? Join us for a free interactive workshop on Stranger Awareness. The first half hour will be spent with kids in one room with an instuctor, talking about Stranger Awareness and learning some self defense techniques. The parents will be in another room, discussing how to effectively talk to kids and set good safety habits. During the last half hour kids and parents will come together and do some role playing to solidify their new skills.
Where? Krav Maga Traning Centre, 283 Northfield Drive East, Waterloo
Contact Info: Please call 519-880-9200 or email to pre-register
Also tonight

& I believe this is a FREE FISHING WEEKEND, but you'd better double check that

& for early next week
(Used to be much cheaper for Bingemans Birthday, but still a good deal)
Bingemans 49th Anniversary. To celebrate, Bingemans is offering admission to Big Splash Waterpark for only $4.90 from 10 am - 11 am only.

I'll be doing an additional blast on Saturday (just trying to get this one out for tonights events)
So if you know of any upcoming Low cost/FREE family events, please message my facebook

Keep Smiling

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