Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Big Music Fest 2015 - Media Launch and PRE SALE CODE

Big Music Fest Returns To Kitchener

Today involved heading to Kitchener City Hall for Media Coverage of the Big Music Fest 2015 Media Launch.  The artists performing at this year's event were announced over the lunch hour and I did my best to tweet it all in real time!

It began with the  Master Of Ceremonies, Mayor Berry Vrabnovic describing how last year's Big Music Fest came to be and that we should be looking forward to this year's event.

Other local dignitaries took to the podium to let us know that Kitchener Ontario wants to focus on Arts and Culture and that Big Music Fest will be an expanded festival this year.  This year's event will also include a Food Festival as well as a Film Festival.

See Who Is Headed To Kitchener For Big Music Fest

The theme for Big Music Fest 2015 is CLASS AND KICK ASS. Once again Big Music Fest will be hosting the Breaking Bands event on the Friday night of the music festival. After the announcement about the Friday night kick off event, they annouced the CLASS ACT.

Rod Stewart And Blondie with Mathew Curry and Mark Ballas will be taking the stage on the final day of Big Music Fest, Sunday July 12 2015.
I had the opportunity to see Rod Stewart many moons ago at the CNE Grandstand. He put on a spectacular show! Lots of energy and audience interaction, including his signature soccer ball launching.

As for the KICK ASS portion of this year's Big Music Fest they brought in some big guns

Soundgarden And Janes Addiction with Monster Truck and Extreme will be performing on Saturday July 11 2015 at McLennan Park Kitchener Ontario Canada!

I have been a big fan of Chris Cornell both as a solo artist and as lead singer of some fantastic bands, but have yet to see him perform live.  I did however see Extreme perform in Toronto in the early 90s and they were great!

Plus there will still be more performers added to this! We can't wait to see which groups will be also be playing at the multiple day music festival!

Tickets Go On Sale This Week

 BigMusicFest.com states that tickets go on sale Friday February 13, 2015 but according to CTV Kitchener there will be a pre-sale on Thursday February 12, 2015

Big Music Fest has listed their PRE SALE CODE on their Facebook page

The BIG Question

We want to know! Which Big Music Fest Act(s) are you looking forward to most? Let us know in comments!


  1. Woah, sounds like a great event - have fun!

  2. Gotta admit I'm a bit jealous. Your going to have a great night.

  3. I love music!
    What an adventure!
    Have fun!

  4. This sounds like such a fun adventure!

  5. I have always wanted to go to a music festival. I never have before. How fun!

  6. Rod and Blondie?! YES!!!! I love it :D

  7. What a great line up. there was a fellow on my flight from LAX to ATL this past weekend that everyone *thought* was Rod Stewart....judging from the hype, Stewart's still a hot attraction! :)

  8. Great event Rod Stewart is from my time and Blondie OMG great lineup

  9. I miss music gigs. I hope to attend few this year as baby is getting older.

  10. It looks like it will be a really fun event! I have always loved music. Well some of it at least!

  11. That is really great. I hope you enjoyed there. I also have to attend few similar events in New York and hoping to enjoy there. If my experience is good, then I am also planning to plan similar events with my friends too.