Saturday, July 4, 2015

Big Music Fest - Tickets And Wristbands - Media Coverage

Bring On Big Music Fest 2015

We were one of the first to tell you about the Big Music Fest 2015 lineup.  Then we wanted to ensure that you found your way with our Big Music Fest Travel Information post. Now we have one more BIG ANNOUNCEMENT for this year's BIG MUSIC FEST.

Media Coverage

This year we will be providing Media Coverage of Big Music Fest!  Be sure to follow our @Those2Girls twitter to connect with us during the concert. We will posting throughout the entire day.  If you are at the concert be sure to tag us in your posts so we can retweet them!.

Tickets And Wristbands For Big Music Fest

Still need to grab your tickets?  Well there are a few options available. 
Visit to get yours now.  You'll be rocking out to these great band and more!

I had the opportunity to see Extreme years ago when Canada's Wonderland still held Kingswood Music Theatre concerts.  They had a lot of great energy and had the whole crowd up dancing.

Jane's Addicition singer Perry Farrel created Lolapalooza so you know they are all about going big for music festivals.

If you watch facebook you know I'm a big fan of Chris Cornell in all of his music incarnations (I always say Be Yourself by Audioslave is my theme music). Whether it be his solo career, Audioslave or joining forces with other artists, it all stems from breaking into the music industry as the lead singer of Soundgarden.

Plus you'll get to see all of these bands too

Big Events Leading Up To Big Music Fest

This week there are lots of activities leading up to Big Music Fest including a Jully Black concert in downtown Kitchener.

Meeting Jully Black after her fabulous concert at Blissdom Canada!

Posted by Lisa McDonald on Saturday, October 12, 2013

To see the list of events on our  Stuff To Do July Blast.

Grab your tickets and see you Saturday at BIG MUSIC FEST


  1. Lucky you! It sounds like you will be super busy and the BIG MUSIC FEST sounds like so much fun!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful event, have a great time!