Sunday, February 21, 2016

eyeGO Do You Go To Support The Local Arts Scene?

Do you know what eyeGO is all about? Here's a quick explanation.
 eyeGO is for high school students who want to experience the best that live arts has to offer at a price they can afford! $5 tickets can be purchased to a variety of shows across Canada with options including live theatre, music, spoken word, dance, and musical theatre.
This year they have 2 initiatives for the local community to get involved in.

The first is a fundraising event for adults and the second is a volunteer opportunity for teens/youth.  Read more about these projects below

Parents' Night Out  

At 7:30 pm on February 25th, 26th and 27th the Registry Theatre is hosting the eyeGO Fundraiser and we think it will make a great Parents' Night Out! Each evening is there will be a Comedy, Movie or Musical performance for you to enjoy. With a PAY WHAT YOU CAN ticket price you can afford to attend all three evenings!  For more information about this fundraiser, visit its Facebook Event Page at 

eyeGO Youth Council 

eyeGO Looking for Enthusiastic Youth Volunteers!
Are you interested in learning how to plan and administrate arts and cultural events in the
Waterloo region?
High school and university aged students are sought to join the eyeGO Youth Council. You will
plan content at venues around the region such as The Registry Theatre and Waterloo Public
Square. As part of the council you will make connections with local artists, media organizations,
and arts administration professionals. It’s a great opportunity to start planning a career in the
Time and Duties:
We meet once every two weeks, and in the mean time we divvy up tasks like managing social
media, community outreach, print and television media contact, etc. Our main event is Extra
Curricular, a youth arts extravaganza held in Waterloo Public Square on May 28th. So expect
some heavier time investment around May! 
Skillsets we want may include:
Social media, review writing, theatre, music, event planning, good at budgeting your time!
(Good at something not listed? Cool, tell me about it!)
Please contact Ben Steele ASAP at . Provide a resume, or a portfolio, or any
evidence of Cool Stuff You Do.
Find us at or
Looking for a student discount eyeGO production to attend? We suggest you check out CINDERELLA CEO happening during March Break. See the info at

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