Friday, April 17, 2015

Steve Nash Attends The #BrightWayForward Event - Media Coverage


Tangerine Bank Makes A Difference In Canada


Earlier this week the Tangerine Bank #BrightWayForward event took place at the YMCA in Toronto.  Their goal is to empower Canadians.  You can learn more about this initiative at by watching this video
and by heading to the Tangerine Bank website to see how they are helping to empower over 50,000 Canadians with the help of NBA All Star MVP Ambassador Steve Nash
From the Tangerine Bank website:
We’ll still be cheering for Steve long after he steps off the court. As Program Ambassador for Bright Way Forward, Steve is helping to empower more than 500,000 Canadians, including helping 15,000 kids across Canada develop leadership skills, sportsmanship and a love for the game through Steve Nash Youth Basketball. His contributions, both on and off the court, are why we’re proud to be his partner. #ThanksNash
“Tangerine’s support will help us provide skills, teamwork and leadership coaching to more than 15,000 kids in communities across Canada. By teaming up with Canada Basketball and all of these incredible charities, there's no doubt this initiative will help inspire and make a positive difference in the lives of countless Canadians by giving them a Bright Way Forward.” -Steve Nash

At the event Steve Nash spoke to the kids of the Toronto YMCA about empowerment.  He explained that at age 13 he decided he would be a basketball player.  He worked hard and focused on his goal. Even though he is not the tallest or fastest he became an NBA All Star and MVP.  He also took time to go over skills with the kids at the event.

Surprised some future stars in T.O. this AM as part of Tangerine Bank’s Community Gym! Creating a #BrightWayForward

Posted by Steve Nash on Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Then we heard from Canadian Rapper TESTAMENT who was representing Unity Canada

That's not all that took place we also got the opportunity to hear from Unity Canada's founder, who also at a young age decided to take something he loved to do to the next level and as a teen began winning breakdancing competitions all over the world.
You could feel the great energy in the room and they gave the kids the tools to feel empowered in what they love to do.

Thanks to ShesConnected for the invitation to cover this event. Oh and in case you didn't notice in the video above I WAS SITTING BEHIND CANADIAN BASKETBALL GREAT STEVE NASH!!!!!!


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  1. We had such a great time! My daughter loved it and the guys from Unity Charity were awesome! Such a great initiative from Tangerine!