Saturday, September 12, 2020

Calling All PAW PATROL Fans! Get Set to Welcome Mighty Express to your Screens


Mighty Express from the makers of Paw Patrol

We know that many of our readers have big Paw Patrol fans at their house and now we are so happy to let you know the BIG NEWS!

The makers of Paw Patrol are bringing a new series to a screen near you.  Mighty Express is a new Netflix show by SPIN MASTER that your family is sure to enjoy. It will be a great adventured-filled animated series that will give your young kiddos something special to look forward to this fall. Check out the trailer below

SPIN MASTER is thrilled to debut the trailer for their all new CG animated,
Netflix-original preschool series, MIGHTY EXPRESS™
that rolls onto Netflix September 22


Hop on the fast track to Tracksville, where, in a vast, playful, quirky world crisscrossed by railway tracks, a team of trains and their kid best-buddies keep things moving and get the delivery done no matter what the trouble – one adventure after another! Each of the trains has a specialty which they use when going on Mega Missions or hauling cargo, be it animals, equipment, or giant dinosaur bones. They always rise to the occasion when trouble strikes!

Get your devices charged because you can start streaming Mighty Express on Netflix beginning September 22, 2020

For more info visit the links below



What Mighty Express Character will be popular at your house?

We know everyone has a different favourite Paw Patrol character and we think the same will happen with Mighty Express.

Which character do you think your kiddos will be a fan of?

Once it airs, we want to know if your guess was correct and how you liked the show. 

Let us know all about it in the comments below

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