Saturday, June 17, 2017

Where To Find The Libman Company Cleaning Products Across Canada This Canada Day #Canada150 – Enter To Win

We'll start with the Disclaimer - Yes this is a sponsored post, but this just means we're able to offer you a chance to win a floor cleaning trio! Enter the contest at the end of this post

As stated in an earlier post, we let you know that The Libman Company Cleaning Products are available in HOME DEPOT STORES and just in time for Canada Day we thrilled to announce that this July they will also be available in CANADIAN TIRE STORES across Canada.

For those new to The Libman Company products, we thought we would first tell you about how the company got its start

William Libman left Lithuania for the United States in the 1890s. He landed in Chicago and started life in the New World by peddling sundries from a pushcart, selling everything from brooms to clothes-pins. The old-fashioned corn broom was always a top seller. ity, the company opened a corn broom factory on Kinzie Street in Chicago, the commercial heart of the Midwestern broom corn market.ity, the company opened a corn broom factory on Kinzie Street in Chicago, the commercial heart of the Midwestern broom corn market.

William’s sons, grandsons and great grandchildren have since expanded that mission to include the finest mops, brooms, brushes and cleaning tools

Being a family owned business means they take pride in their products. To learn more about The Libman Company’s story see their ABOUT section on their Canadian Facebook Page then click on the story section to see how their business grew.  They also take pride in their eco efforts. Visit their ENVIRONMENTALLY REPOSIBLILTY PROGRAM on their website to see all of their earthy-friendly initiatives.

Embrace Life’s Messes For Canada 150


This year Canada Day is Canada’s 150th birthday and we have a great list of events to take your whole family to so you can celebrate together. 

The Libman Company wants you to #EmbraceLifesMesses that both indoor and outdoor activities cause and see how their products help you with the clean up afterwards.  Here are a few products to help with that.


We want to know what your plans for Canada Day and how you think The Libman Company product will help you Embrace Life’s Messes. You might win a cleaning trio from The Libman Company!


To get all the info about The Libman Company be sure to visit them online


Enter To Win

We are giving away a cleaning trio from The Libman Company! It includes Precision Angle Broom with Dust Pan, the Utility Bucket, and the Tornado Mop.  Just enter the Rafflecopter contest below (it may take a minute to load) and be sure to leave a comment at the bottom of this post with your plans for Canada Day are how you think The Libman Company product will help you Embrace Life’s Messes afterwards.
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  1. I am having a BBQ and will want my floors to be clean and these products will be a great help

  2. Our plans for canada day are a bbq and fireworks. The mess will hopefully be kept mostly to the back yard, but messes are rarely so compliant! Cleaning after guests leave is not one of my favourite chores, but one that needs to be done none the less and libman products can help make that job a little easier.

    - amber y

  3. We will be celebrating a birthday on Canada day so these products would be making cleaning a breeze

  4. We plan to celebrate at the town festivities. Libman products make cleaning easy so it's no big deal when the kids or pets make a mess.

  5. My plans for Canada Day are to spend it with my family and maybe take in the fireworks in my community.
    Libman products could help me to keep my floors clean. Having the right tools can make the job a breeze!

  6. Since we love in Canada's capital we are going to the hill..... and these would help me out

  7. I'll spend Canada Day hanging out in the backyard with my family. I'll embrace life's messes with these products by feeling less annoyed about cleaning with my very old mop!

  8. It will save me time and help clean the big kitchen floor. Would be easier.

  9. We are taking our grandson to a Canada Day parade for Canada Day. The libman mop would be handy with three grandchildren, three dogs a cat and a messy hubby.

  10. We're going to the inlaws house for Canada day. The libman company mop would help with all the mess the kids will make!

  11. I plan on going to a festival for Canada. Libman company will help me prepare for guests and the after messes!

  12. I'll be having a very quiet Canada...maybe go to the local fireworks. The Libman Mop would make my cleaning go a lot faster.

  13. We are having a bbq and campfire in the evening with family.

    1. These products will help me get my floors clean much easier and faster.

  14. We'll be a friends' place for bbq. Libman will really help out when we look after our daughter's dog.

  15. We're just planning a barbecue, and then to watch the fireworks display for Canada Day. I think the Libman products would help me be slightly more together during the gathering. I'm a spiller :0

  16. Having a BBQ for Canada Day and taking in the local fireworks. I love to the Libman products to help with the cleaning before the BBq and after.
    Florence C

  17. I plan to bbq, even if it rains and hope to get to the local prov park (but not if its raining as bad as today) ..lifes a mess, Libman will help me keep it clean

  18. We are celebrating with family and neighbour at a street party in our community. The messes we will be making will surely benefit from Libman products.

  19. We're joining in on our local Canada Day Celebration & watching the fire works. I will benefit with the Libman products by using them to clean up the messes that my grandson makes.

  20. We went camping for Canada Day & I could've really used the Libman broom to sweep out our tent & keep our outdoor carpet free of rocks & dirt!

  21. We had a nice bbq at home. My kitchen floor sure could use the Libman products right now. It's hard cleaning with a bad back and I think it would help.

  22. I was at a wedding canada day. I've started a new job and I'm away from home a lot, my house has suffered. I need something to make my life easier.

  23. We had a big family BBQ with lots of Red and White, I think Libman will help me clean up the messes of our new little ones in the family

  24. We went to a Canada Day parade where my son lives, a hike and dinner out with my hubby & son. Libman would help me clean up after renovation messes at my son's new house!

  25. We are having a big family reunion and we will need all the help we can get in catching up with the mess!

  26. well Canada day is over..but we could always use this help clean up our messes. Living in the country with 2 teenagers and pets, there are always floors needing to be cleaned.

  27. On Canada Day we had a BBQ at my cousins and the mop would help clean up after my pets.

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