Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cooking A Fiesta Feast With #GuidingStarsCA #PCStars + Enter To Win A PC Gift Card


Ready For A Real Canadian Superstore Cooking Class

We have spent this summer learning about the Guiding Stars program available at all Loblaws affiliated stores. We have learned what we should buy and how it fits into a healthy diet.  This week we headed to the Real Canadian Superstore in Kitchener Ontario to learn how to cook with some of the 3 Star items that are now staples on our shopping list.


We Found A Fiesta


We are big fans of Mexican cuisine.  All the fresh topping and spicy delights bring us to the table.  Before we could get cooking there was a lot of prep to do.  Good thing we are "almost" pros at chopping vegetables. As you can see the recipes called for lots of veggies, and we know that means 3 STARS!

Diane's station prepared the guacamole.  I posted the recipe below because most of the items in this recipe are 3 Stars! Plug the items listed into the Guiding Stars Food Finder and you will see just how nutritious this recipe truly is.

Click On The Image To Enlarge Recipe
Getting The Guac Going

Remember on the first Guiding Stars post I was saying what a great deal this was for avocados? Well now you have an easy recipe that is a healthy choice featuring this 3 Star item.
As you can see the guacomole that was made was just one of the delicious toppings that were part of this fiesta dinner.


It's All About Your Star Power

I am always looking for ways to up my "Star Power" and really try to incorporate 3 Star items into my meals.  I am thrilled to announce that I've hit Level 5!!!!!
We want your "Star Power" to shine too AND we're here to help with that.  Below is a contest for a chance to win a $150 President's Choice Gift Card!

GuidingStars Contest

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