Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Beauty Gives Back For #WinkDay

Wink If You're With Us

Cancer is something that has touched our lives.  That is why I have always supported causes in my community to help in the fight against it.  When I made the video below on Monday, I had no idea that Tuesday I would get some news that would change everything for one member of my family.  While I don't have the full story yet, the idea of what might happen weighs very heavy on me as I am typing this post.  Yet it will not stop me from encouraging others to support everyone fighting to beat the cancer blues.

Paint your eyes blue to support women suffering from cancer blues. Create a video like this one and encourage your friends to do the same. Visit
for details.


On June 18, 2015, the beauty industry will be encouraging women to buy a blue eyeliner/eye shadow, and for one day, to colour their eyes blue in support of women going through the emotional trauma of the Cancer Blues. The Cancer Blues - a term for the emotional distress caused by cancer and its treatment is an oft-ignored consequence of the disease that can affect a woman's ability to fight and endure through this difficult ordeal. Isn't it time to help?

Need to know more? I suggest watching the video below

Then sign up on the twubs page for the Twitter party.

Twitter Party For #WinkDay

Be sure to join the #winkday Twitter party June 15,2015 #beatthecancerblues #cancerblues #bbloggers #makeup #eyeshadow

If you make a video like I did please post the links in the comments as I would like the opportunity to see your eyes painted blue too.

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