Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mothers Pizza Gift Card Giveaway

We'll start with the Disclaimer - Yes we did receive a complimentary meal, but this just means we're able to offer you a chance at a FREE MEAL TOO! Enter the contest at the end of this post!

Mothers Is Back

We were very excited to hear that Mothers Pizza had returned to Kitchener Ontario! I remember many a birthday celebration there. It's the restaurant I remember most from my childhood. Stepping into the new location in Kitchener was close to going back in time.

On The Menu

Of course we started with Pop Shoppe Floats!

We ordered 3 different entres so that we could try each others meal choices (including a KW themed pizza)

2 of them came with delcious caesar salads!

The main dishes were so fantastic!
  • Chicken Parm!
  • Spaghetti and Meatballs!
  • Build Your Own Panzerotti!

Then we finished our meals with ice cream in those little metal bowls.  Just like I remember.

The staff was friendly, attentive and genuine! They know that we'll be back soon!

Do you have a kiddo with a birthday coming up? We suggest that you register for the Mothers Pizza Birthday Club.  Imagine if your kids grow up to have memories of Mothers Pizza birthday parties too?

Enter To Win

To help you create your own Mothers Pizza memories be sure to enter to win the rafflecopter contest below for a chance to win a $25 Mothers Pizza Kitchener Gift Card! (it may take a minute for the contest form to load). One of the bonus entries is about Mothers Pizza birthday memories and another is about your choice of pizza toppings!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  2. I once had a pizza with feta cheese and gyro meat on it - it was amazing! I still dream of it, but if I can't have that, I'd want pineapple.

  3. I've never been to Mother's Pizza, but my best birthday memory was my Sweet 16 when my mother decided to put the Christmas tree up early and put birthday decorations on it... I was mortified!

  4. Loved Mothers Pizza as a kid! I can't wait to discover it again with my kids!

  5. I had a birthday party at Mother's Pizza on Highland Rd. and have the pictures to prove it! Can't wait to give the "new" Mother's Pizza!

  6. My favourite pizza topping? How can you choose just one?! Well, the one that I couldn't stand to not have on the pizza is cheese. Lotsa cheese! Mmmm!
    Thanks for the chance!

  7. Mother's was a favourite back in the day. It's a good one to have back.

  8. I love green olives on my pizza!

  9. Mothers Pizza closed before I was old enough, but my parents used to go all the time! My favourite birthday was my sleepover for my 10th birthday. First time I got to have a friend party on my actual birthday weekend (we used to celebrate my half birthday because our business was too busy on my bday).

  10. There were no Mother's Pizza on the East coast when I was growing up - an dI think they had all closed by the time I moved up here. That being said - it seems lots of people have fond memories birthdays and other occasions spent there. My favourite childhood birthday memory is having a water balloon fight with friends - maybe it was for my 10th? :)

  11. Oh! And probably could have left this is one comment --- but ah well. My favourite pizza toppings are always fluctuating but one of my good friends from high school and I always love what we call our "three P pizza" - pepperoni, green pepper and pineapple! People are always like "what?" but TRY IT! We mostly always win people over to our way of thinking.

  12. When I was in grade school, grade 7 and 8 if you made honour roll you got to go to Mother's and get whatever you wanted.
    I remember those lunch dates fondly and enjoying the salad bar.

  13. Totally remember spumoni ice cream in the metal bowls!

  14. Fav toppings are meat, meat and more meat!

  15. We ordered the Hula Hula pizza last night! and I had a side of stuffed meatballs. My husband was in his glory, remembering his childhood!

  16. My husband has always talked about how great Mother's Pizza was. So when it came back to the KW area, he made sure we were there on opening night!

    Our fave toppings are bacon and green peppers :)

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