Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jesse Labelle And The Big Picture Project Heads To Waterloo Ontario

Seeing The Big Picture

Last month I had the opportunity to see Jesse Labelle speak on a social etiquette panel put together by my friend Neil Hedley.  It was a panel about kindness in the social sphere and what I referred to as GUT CHECK MOMENT at Blissdom Canada
That panel made such an impact on the bloggers in attendance that all you need to Google is Jesse Labelle Blissdom Canada and you will get pages of sites listing each person's perspective of what went on during that panel. Jesse Labelle spoke about the trolls online and how he deals with that kind of situation. The statement that he made that stuck with the majority of us was
"You can really fight hate with love"
After the event I learned that Jesse meant these words when I started to see info pop up about The Big Picture Project and how it ws founded by Jesse Labelle in 2008, The Big Picture Project is a not-for-profit organization that strives to raise awareness and support for The Sirua Aulo Academy in Transmara, Kenya.
This month Jesse Labelle will be performing in Waterloo at Maxwell's Music House in support of The Big Picture project. Tickets are just $10 in advance on and 
All proceeds go towards raising awareness and funds to support The Sirua Aulo Academy in Transmara, Kenya.
For $10 you will get to see a concert with local musicians as well as an acoustic performance by Jesse Labelle, all while helping this very worthy cause. See you there!
Please note this is a 19+ event
For more information visit where you can learn about this and other upcoming shows. Below are some of Jesse Labelle's music videos. Have a listen and then get your tickets before they are gone!


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