Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hockey Hall Of Fame Groupon Discount,

Day trips!

Hockey Hall Of Fame GROUPON

Today I saw there was a Hockey Hall Of Fame Groupon, and it's a great family oriented museum, which I have visited several times.

The Hockey Hall Of Fame is a great day trip! Lots of people miss lots of stuff in there because of the layout.

Things to do at the HOCKEY HALL OF FAME
  • Find the STANLEY CUP in the trophy room & get your pic with it (extra cost, but I think you can add it on to this)
  • Interactive Zone where you can test your slap shot, your goal keeping skills, go up stairs & try being an announcer & more
  • See the exhibits uniforms & other items from all the NHL & CHL teams
  • Ask the ushers about special exhibits (I've been there where it was the anniversary of The Montreal Canadians, when Sidney Crobsy's gloves & puck from the last Winter Olympics where there and a special exhibit about all the Olympic Hockey teams through the years)
  • My favorite is the STANLEY CUP movie.  It's about a half hour movie, its a little dull at times near the beginning, but you learn a lot about the history of hockey.  Then the 2nd part of the movie does a recap of every game from last season's Stanley Cup Playoffs (so it's different every year). 
  • Their SPIRIT OF HOCKEY gift shop is pretty amazing as well.  Try to stay near the clearance items when grabbing souvenirs!
A few more tips, The Hockey Hall Of Fame is in the basement of an BIG office building, so it's a little tricky to find.  Make sure to be aware that you will have to pay to park (finding the closest GREEN P Parking is usually the cheapest route).  Also there is a food court on in the building with a McDonald's and a few other choices, so everyone is happy. Right now the Marche Restaurant is offering a free beverage with a $10 purchase & the coupon that can be found here.

The Hockey Hall Of Fame makes for a great day trip.  Don't expect it to be a Morning until Night trip, more of an afternoon escape.

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