Sunday, February 3, 2019

Safe Mode for Your Kids with Safety Tree – Enter to Win

We'll start with the Disclaimer - Yes this is a sponsored post, but this just means we're able to offer you a chance to win a free safety class from Safety Tree! Enter the contest at the end of this post

Start 2019 in Safe Mode

When your computer has issues, it is suggested you start it up in safe mode to diagnose the problem and plan a solution.  When it comes to setting up your kids for a safe life, Safety Tree Canada has many SAFE MODES for you to help your children tackle safety issues both in life and online.

My Safe Life Course
My Safe Life is a safety course best suited for kids from 6.5 years of age to 8.5 years of age.   My Safe Life teaches children about safe people, self-defense, bullying, being assertive and online safety. Bullying in the schools is starting much younger and Safety Tree wants to give children the tools to deal with it. They will also do activities where they will learn about calling 911 and role play small emergencies. It is a course all about personal safety. You can learn more about this course at

Home Alone Course
The Home Alone course is for children ages 9 to 12.  It prepares kids for emergency situations and gives them the confidence to handle them.  They will learn the tips and tricks to being home alone and keeping safe.  Information about this course can be found at

Digital Superhero Training
If you have kids that spend time online, then you should consider signing them up for the Digital Superhero Training.  Safety Tree has partnered with Cyber Safety Canada to create a course for kids 8-11 years old.  Here are some of the topics being covered
*. How children/youth can safeguard their identity
*. How lurking predators use common apps & game features
*. How to avoid being a predator’s target
*. How students can protect their online reputations
*. How to deal with cyber-bullying
*. Includes a fun and interactive superhero theme
You can get all the info about this course at

COMING SOON Digital Training for Kids 12-14 Years Old
Also keep watch of the Safety Tree Website for information about their upcoming Digital Training for older kids! Head to and click on their drop-down menu for COURSES.
For more information about Safety Tree Canada visit these links

Get your kids in the SAFE MODE way of thinking and help them stay safe!

Enter to Win

Enter the rafflecopter contest below (it may take a minute to load) and tell us what course would be of interest for your kid(s). It may just win them a spot! (NOTE when commenting below it is best to be logged into your google account. After you click publish, it may take up to one minute for your comment to show. Please wait for it to publish before clicking anything else). THIS CONTEST IS FOR THOSE IN THE KITCHENER WATERLOO AREA.

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  1. What a great course! I would love for my son to attend the My Safe Life course! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  2. I've never heard of this company, it sounds quite interesting!