Friday, May 19, 2017

Marathon of Hope: The Musical Hopes to Inspire the Next Generation to Continue Terry Fox’s Fight

Drayton Entertainment brings their Marathon of Hope: The Musical to the stage at the Dunfield Theatre in Cambridge Ontario in hopes of inspiring the next generation to keep Terry Fox’s legacy alive. 

To do this they are concentrating on bringing several school groups in to see this run of performances aside from the ones scheduled for public audiences.

Inspired by Terry Fox and his Family

During the intro to last evenings opening at the Dunfield Theatre the audience was told how this inspiring story came to be a musical through the assistance of Terry Fox’s family, friends and individuals he met along his journey.  As added surprise, Terry Fox’s 2 brothers, Darrell and Fred, were in attendance for last night’s show in Cambridge. Darrell Fox took time to speak to those in attendance about what this show meant to him and his family.  This brought a lot of prospective to what the family of Terry Fox went through during the time Terry Fox began creating and embarking on his Marathon of Hope. He also mentioned that the next generation were not alive during Terry’s journey and how important it is to pass this story on to them so they can continue Terry’s fight.

More Than a Musical

This touching rendition of the Terry Fox Story brought back many childhood memories for me. I remember watching Terry Fox on TV and it was really my first introduction to what cancer was and how devastating the disease could be.  What began as a Marathon of Hope in the 80’s continues on today here in our community and around the globe. Marathon of Hope: The Musical is more than just a musical. It’s a look at Canadian history during Canada’s 150th birthday and a glimpse of what took place before, during and after Terry Fox’s journey. You can learn more about the research that went into this production by watching the video below.

Marathon of Hope: The Musical covers many facets of Terry’s remarkable story, starting with his high school athletic career and family life in Port Coquitlam, BC, continuing through his cancer diagnosis and right leg amputation above the knee, and then chronicling the people and places that motivated him during his 143-day marathon spanning 5,373 kilometres.

Marathon of Hope: The Musical is on stage from May 15 to June 4.  Regular performance tickets are $46 for adults; $27 for youth under 20 years of age. Tickets for selected Discount Dates and groups of 20 or more are $37. HST is applicable to all ticket prices. Tickets may be purchased online at or toll free at 1-855-drayton (372-9866).

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